31 Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers to Boost Productivity

Best Google Chrome ExtensionsBlogging is fun. Let’s admit that. At the same time, it takes plenty of hard work and grit. As a blogger, you must produce unique and engaging content for your audience. You must also do plenty of other essential tasks to grow your reach. So, how do you coordinate all these activities to achieve your writing goals?

For example, planning, researching, producing, and organizing your content takes plenty of time. Another essential task you may need to perform is to optimize content for the web and track your traffic. You save money, time, and resources by completing all these tasks faster.

This is not always easy if you lack the tools for the job. Don’t worry; we’ll show you plenty of tools you can use to get better. With these tools, you will use all your resources to cover all your tasks and activities in the most efficient way possible.

One of the tools you’ll often use when starting a blog is the web browser. In my case, I perform all my tasks and boost productivity by using apps and extensions on my web browser, Chrome.

Google Chrome Browser – Best Chrome Extensions

The Google Chrome browser is quite an impressive browser. If you’re already using it, you may already know how powerful it is. If you haven’t, I recommend you try it out. Not only is it a fast browser, but it also has a clean minimal design and efficient tab management.

Google Chrome browser
Source: Google Chrome Homepage

Google Chrome is the most used browser in the world (63.87%) as per Statcounter (stats for 2023):

browser stats 2023


Google Chrome also carries another significant advantage. You get a chance to increase the features of your browser to suit all your blogging needs. That is not to say that other browsers don’t have this ability. They do. However, Chrome is more advanced in comparison. It has a vast library of apps and Chrome extensions that customize your browser experience like no other browser can.

You can extend the functionality of your Chrome browser by downloading and installing browser apps and the best Chrome extensions. These apps help users, in general, customize and improve their browsing experience. Chrome makes all its browser extensions available on the Chrome Web Store. They’re pretty straightforward to download and install. What’s more, most of them are free!

Chrome Web Store – Access the top Chrome extensions

The Chrome Web Store contains all the extensions you could ever dream about. If you can think of a solution, it’s probably already there. Many of these apps and browser extensions are helpful and will make life easier for you as a blogger.

Google Chrome web store for the best Chrome extensions
Source: Google Chrome Web Store Homepage

Once you download an app or extension, it is integrated into your browser. You can now perform extended tasks and functions at the click of a button. There are thousands of apps and extensions for every need you could possibly think about.

What are the Best Chrome Extensions for Bloggers to Boost Productivity?

Choosing an extension can be daunting, especially from a Web Store with thousands of options. Don’t worry. We’re here to help you. In this article, we’re going to highlight 31 of the best Chrome extensions that are helpful and make life easier for you as a blogger:

1. Grammarly Extension

grammarly extension

Great bloggers understand that making grammatical errors spells doom for your content. Many readers are unforgiving of spelling mistakes. You don’t want that on your blog. Use the Grammarly plugin to fix minor spelling issues and improve your overall copywriting experience.

2. Ubersuggest


Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest Chrome extension is one of the best Google Chrome extensions when you are running any SEO campaign. The tool has been designed to help users find long-tail keywords on the fly, and it does so easily. This handy little extension shows you the monthly search volume, CPC, and keyword difficulty of any keyword. This is an excellent tool for generating keyword ideas and finding related keywords frequently searched online.

Overview of this Chrome extension:

3. Pocket

Save to pocket

Pocket is a fantastic tool for saving videos and articles for later viewing. With this extension, you can collect your web content research in one place. Pocket is available across devices, so you can access your data at any place and time, even when you’re offline.

4. Whatfont

What Font


Whatfont helps you make your page attractive to your audience. This easy-to-use extension lets you identify fonts on other web pages by hovering your mouse over them. It enables you to make your content more attractive and readable.

5. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder

Awesome Screenshot

You can capture a screenshot or record a video of a part of an entire web page using Awesome Screenshot. It also comes with tools to crop, edit, highlight, blur, and draw shapes on the captured media. This extension is an excellent selection for bloggers who make how-to tutorials and product demos.

6. Colorzilla


Get the Colorzilla extension and customize your browser with their color-picking and color-matching tools. With the eyedropper icon, you can identify color codes on web pages, create custom palettes and zoom elements. Colorzilla has other nifty tricks, like giving you the Hex value of colors anywhere on your screen.

7. Mailtrack

Mailtrack extension

The Mailtrack extension is a clever solution for email marketing management, especially for Gmail users. It allows you to identify incoming messages and track whether your clients have read your emails. Install Mailtrack on your browser to access daily tracking reports, reminders, line tracking, and other cool features.

8. Hunter

Hunter extension

Hunter lets you contact the people behind any website by finding their email addresses for you. It also gives you their names, phone numbers, social networks, and job titles from public sources visible on search results. Get the Hunter extension for your digital marketing needs.

9. Mangools SEO

Mangools SEO Google Chrome Extension

This extension lets you enjoy access to advanced SEO metrics and insights with just one click. You can also use this extension to monitor the on-page SEO of your competitors, check backlinks, and check for broken links. You’ll also get direct access to all your data from their SEO tools software from their extension.

10. Check My Links

Check my links extension

Use the Check My Links extension to crawl through your webpage and root out broken links. It quickly selects all the links on your page and checks each one for you. It highlights the ones that work and the ones that don’t. You can copy all the bad links to your clipboard with one click.

11. Google Dictionary

Google dictionary extension

If you encounter new vocabulary on a website as you browse the internet, Google Dictionary helps you view its definition. You can do this by double-clicking the word or copying and pasting it into the toolbar dictionary. You can also view a history of the terms you viewed so that you can use them later.

12. Momentum


Use the Momentum extension to replace your new tab page with a personal dashboard. Momentum inspires you to improve productivity by featuring a to-do list, a daily photo, and a quote and setting your daily focus. With Momentum, you eliminate distractions and track your activities on your browser.

13. Print Friendly and PDF


This extension is a brilliant solution for saving web pages in PDF format to your computer. It converts web pages into printable pages, removing images, ads, navigation, and other junk before printing. You can also use its internal tools to edit and delete images, content, and pages.

14. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere

With the Keywords Everywhere extension, you can view the monthly search volumes, cost per click, and competition data from up to 15 websites. It helps you track trend charts, keywords related to your searches, and long-tail keywords on Google and YouTube. It also has tools that help you find appropriate keywords for your website from your seed keywords.

15. Google Similar Pages

Google similar pages

Discover new web pages similar to those you browse when you use this extension. It crawls the internet to bring you pages with similar content and topics. It also lets you preview and explore these pages to choose the ones you want.

16. Similarweb


Tracking the key metrics of your website is easier with the Similarweb extension. You can view your engagement rates, traffic volume, and source, as well as your keyword ranking. With a single click, Similarweb gives you in-depth statistics on any website that you choose to visit.

17. Linkclump


Speed up your browsing experience by opening up multiple links at the same time with the Linkclump. This extension lets you drag a selection box around links you want to open, save as bookmarks, or copy to your clipboard. It opens, copies, and bookmarks multiple links simultaneously.

18. Word Counter Plus

Word Counter Plus

Do you want to count the words on your blog or a web page you’re viewing? Use Word Counter Plus. This add-on counts the words on any text you select or highlight in your browser.

19. RSS Aggregator

RSS aggregator

Collect tons of information about whatever topic you want and list them in the RSS Aggregator plugin. You can make any list you want with this RSS reader. It saves your time and energy as it helps you add, read, manage, and subscribe to the feeds of your choice.

20. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote webclipper

If you want to save interesting clips and information from the internet, you can use the Evernote Web Clipper. It allows you to take screenshots, annotate documents, highlight essential information, and access it across devices. This plugin helps you track your research and improve your productivity.

21. Power Thesaurus

power thesaurus

Looking for synonyms and antonyms is now possible with the click of a button when you use the Power Thesaurus plugin. You can also perform this function by highlighting and right-clicking any word you want. This extension is a fantastic selection for bloggers who’d like to diversify their vocabulary.

22. Page Analytics

page analytics

This plugin gives you essential information about how web users interact with your site. You’ll see what they click and don’t click. With these insights, you can optimize your website for better conversions and user experience.

23. BuiltWith

Builtwith extension

Follow technology trends and usage statistics on your customers’ websites with the BuiltWith App. Once you install this extension, you’ll monitor websites based on the technology they use. It will even help you download websites that use specific systems like JQuery or Google Analytics software.

24. Mozbar


Perform all your SEO research with the Mozbar extension. Besides creating custom searches, you can highlight keywords, expose page elements, and assess page authority. This app is a nifty selection for digital marketing bloggers.

25. LastPass

Lastpass extension

Secure all your passwords in one place with the LastPass password manager app. This extension saves you the trouble of having to remember multiple passwords by storing them in one safe place. It also auto-fills forms for you and is available on the go across devices.

26. Facebook Pixel Helper

Facebook pixel helper

Validate your Facebook Pixel with the Facebook Pixel Helper extension. It works in the background, monitoring your Pixel for conversions and providing real-time feedback. With a single click on the app, you’ll view details on your Pixels, including warnings, errors, and successes.

27. Chrome Notepad


Store essential notes and clips on your browser with the Chrome Notepad plugin. This plugin helps you keep track of notes, bookmarks, and to-do lists. It also works like a clipboard for content you copy from other sources.

28. Video Speed Controller

video speed controller

Take control of all your HTML5 videos with this extension. It allows you to slow down, rewind, fast-forward and advance HTML5 videos with keyboard shortcuts. This extension saves you time by reducing the tasks you execute with your mouse or touchpad.

29. Speechnotes – Speech To Text Notepad


Dictate notes to your browser and convert them to text with this extension. Speechnotes uses Google’s speech-to-text engine to convert audible words into text. Its minimal design keeps it distraction-free and increases your focus and productivity at work.

30. Headlinr


Headlinr is a subject and headline creator plugin. Not only does it help you generate amazing headlines, but it also helps you create better subject lines for emails, blog posts, and social media updates. This plugin is a clever selection for digital marketers and bloggers looking to save time creating headlines and titles.

31. Note Anywhere

note anywhere

This brilliant extension improves productivity by creating notes anywhere on any web page. When you open a web page again, any notes you kept on it load automatically. You can drag and drop them anywhere on the page.

Conclusion – Best Chrome Extensions

I’ve taken a look at 31 different of the best Chrome extensions for bloggers that you can use today to improve your blogging experience. You do not need to download or use them all at once. All you have to do is select the ones you believe will solve your most pressing problems. Don’t let it stop you from trying them all out at least once. One at a time, though.

By no means is this list exhaustive. With thousands of the best Google Chrome extensions in the Chrome Web Store, I couldn’t hope to cover them all. However, I’m always looking for more exciting options. Keep coming back because I’ll update this list from time to time with new extensions.

How about you? Do you have any top Chrome extensions you’d like me to know about? Is there a hidden gem that I haven’t looked at? Tell me! I’d love to hear about your experiences with these extensions. I’d also love to know which ones you liked and which you didn’t.

I’m always looking for the best Chrome extensions to try out. Feel free to tell me about yours. Comment, like, and share this article. You can also subscribe to my blog for this and other exciting updates.

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